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Accademia Carrara

In a recently renovated neoclassical building, in the neighborhood of artists and antique shops, just below the Upper Town, connected to the Venetian walls and Porta S. Agostino by the Roman fleets of Noca, the Accademia Carrara Art Gallery is one of the most important Italian art galleries, and certainly the most prestigious cultural resource

almawareAccademia Carrara
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ERG Project – Ea(s)t Lombardy

ERG is the acronym for the European Region of Gastronomy, international project for the development of the continent’s best areas of gastronomy. The founding regions are: Marseille-Provence, Lombardy East, Riga-Gauja, Brabant, Minho, Aarhus, Catalonia, Malta and Sibiu-Transylvania. Objective of the project is the interaction between culture, tourism and gastronomy by highlighting distinctive food cultures, educating

almawareERG Project – Ea(s)t Lombardy
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New site Petronilla

On line the new website Petronilla, renovated and updated to reflect the style and hospitality offers proposed by Petronilla. New graphics, new images, new texts and new responsive IT architecture, to be consulted on any kind of device.

almawareNew site Petronilla
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